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Welcome to the 15 th Lähnwitzseminar on Calorimetry 2018 in Rostock
     June 03, evening until June 08, morning

Interplay between Nucleation, Crystallization, and the Glass Transition
Hotel Am Alten Strom Rostock-Warnemuende, in the North-East of Germany

The Laehnwitzseminar aims to bring together scientists from different fields of calorimetry and science in general and offer a platform for rather broad and intensive discussions and stimulate progress and further developments in calorimetry.
Confirmed speakers (tentative titles):
René Androsch, University of Halle, Germany
Morphology of polymers crystallized in a chip calorimeter
Daniele Cangialosi, CFM San Sebastián, Spain
Investigating physical aging, glass transition temperature and molecular mobility of polymers in bulk and under nanoscale confinement by calorimetry
Dario Cavallo, University of Genova, Italy
What do polymers nucleate on? Heterogeneous nucleation of polymer crystals at glassy, liquid and crystalline interfaces
Peggy Cebe, Tufts University, USA
Comparisons between Biopolymers and Synthetic Polymers Using Calorimetry
Isabella Gallino, Saarland University, Germany
Calorimetric characterizations of bulk metallic glasses
David LaVan, NIST, USA
Nanocalorimetry of metallic thin films - from mixing reactions to glass transitions
Benjamin Milkereit, University of Rostock, Germany
Kinetics of quench induces precipitation in Al alloys from calorimetry
Junko Morikawa, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
Super-cooling of single micron-sized liquid drops in ultra-fast scanning calorimetry measured by micro-scale thermography
John Perepezko, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
Nanocrystallization, Polyamorphism and Stabilization in Glasses
Ranko Richert, Arizona State University, USA
The effect of electric fields on crystallization of molecular glass formers
Jürgen Schawe, Mettler Toledo, Switzerland
Calorimetric investigations of phase transition of meta-stable bulk materials
Andreas Schönhals, Bam Berlin, Germany
Glass transition of thin polymeric films as revealed by calorimetric and dielectric techniques
Marco J. Starink, University of Southampton, UK
Progress in modelling and analysis of solid state reaction kinetics: diffusion-controlled reactions, linear heating/cooling, activation energy analysis
Lian Yu, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
Glasses with tunable liquid-crystalline order
Evgeny Zhuravlev / Bin Yang / Yeong Zen Chua, University of Rostock, Germany
Fast scanning calorimetry: Current activities in Rostock
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