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  Welcome to the 13 th Lähnwitzseminar on Calorimetry 2014 in Rostock
     June 15, evening until June 20, morning
(lectures June 16 morning until June 19 afternoon)
        Funktionale Materialien Rostock e.V

The scope of the 13th Laehnwitz Seminar on Calorimetry will be "Interplay between Nucleation, Crystallization, and the Glass Transition".

We are convinced that calorimetry is, and will prove to be, an important tool for studying structure formation in a wide variety of materials. One of the tasks of the Laehnwitz Seminar has always been to bring together scientists from different fields of calorimetry and science and to offer a platform for broad and intensive discussions, stimulating progress and further development. At this moment, we have begun the organization of the 2014 Seminar, confirmed speakers and tentative titles are listed under “program” to the left. Following the spirit of the previous Laehnwitz Seminars, we plan to have a few (maximum 14) introductory lectures of about 60 to 90 minutes in length, followed by an almost open-ended discussion. In addition, as before, poster presentations are kept up for discussion during the whole time of the seminar. It is planned to discuss the benefits and even the problems of different approaches to the study of structure formation on very different time scales (e.g., by chip calorimetry with time scale of milliseconds) or on larger samples by conventional calorimetry (with time scale up to days). In a continuation of the last Laehnwitz Seminars, we will focus on chip calorimetry and temperature modulation (DSC and AC calorimetry) but do not exclude other techniques. The organizers wish to cover the whole field of techniques which can successfully be applied to calorimetry and thermodynamics of structure formation in complex systems.

Registration deadline: 28 February 2014

Sincerely yours,

Christoph Schick          Guenther Hoehne
University of Rostock    Laupheim

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