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Polymer Physics Group of Rostock University

Fields of research

Glass Transition
Polymer Crystallization and Melting
Polymer Nanocomposites


      Fast Scan Calorimetry
      Advanced DSC
Dielectric Spectroscopy
Dynamic Mechanical Spectroscopy

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Albert Einstein Strsße 24, HS III
Yeong Zen Chua
Universität Rostock
Influence of fragility and molecular symmetry on the formation of stable glasses

Selected Publications

378. Chua, Y. Z.; Tylinski, M.; Tatsumi, S.; Ediger, M. D.; Schick, C.
Glass transition and stable glass formation of tetrachloromethane
The Journal of Chemical Physics 144 (2016) 244503-1 - 244503-9
Abstract DOI request reprint: pdf 20152
376. Androsch, R.; Schick, C.
Interplay between the Relaxation of the Glass of Random l/d-Lactide Copolymers and Homogeneous Crystal Nucleation: Evidence for Segregation of Chain Defects
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 120 (2016) 19 4522 - 4528
Abstract DOI request reprint: pdf 19922
375. Fokin, V.; Abyzov, A.; Zanotto, E.; Cassar, D.; Rodrigues, A.; Schmelzer, J.
Crystal nucleation in glass-forming liquids: Variation of the size of the “structural units” with temperature
Non-Crystalline Solids 447 (2016) 35 - 44
Abstract DOI request reprint: pdf 19924
372. Neise, C.; Rautenberg, C.; Bentrup, U.; Beck, M.; Ahrenberg, M.; Schick, C.; Keßler, O.; Kragl, U.
Stability studies of ionic liquid [EMIm][NTf2] under short-term thermal exposure
RSC Advances 6 (2016) 48462 - 48468
Abstract DOI request reprint: pdf 19956
370. Toda, A.; Androsch, R.; Schick, C.
Insights into polymer crystallization and melting from fast scanning chip calorimetry
Polymer 91 (2016) 239 - 263
Feature Article
Abstract DOI request reprint: pdf 19898
368. Zhuravlev, E.; Madhavi, V.; Lustiger, A.; Androsch, R.; Schick, C.
Crystallization of Polyethylene at Large Undercooling
ACS Macro Letters  (2016) 365 - 370
Abstract DOI request reprint: pdf 19816
365. Androsch, R.: Schick, C.
Crystal nucleation of polymers at high supercooling of the melt
Adv. Polym. Sci.  (2016) 
DOI request reprint: pdf 18859
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