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Polymer Physics Group of Rostock University

Fields of research

Glass Transition
Polymer Crystallization and Melting
Polymer Nanocomposites


      Fast Scan Calorimetry
      Advanced DSC
Dielectric Spectroscopy
Dynamic Mechanical Spectroscopy

Current Group Seminar

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Albert-Einstein-Straße 25, Roter Salon
Moritz Hallermann
Technische Universitaet Dortmund, Biochemical and Chemical Engineering Department, Laboratory of Thermodynamics
Measurements of melting properties of amino acids and peptides using FSC

Selected Publications

478. Jariyavidyanont, K.; Abdelaziz, A.; Androsch, R.; Schick, C.
Experimental analysis of lateral thermal inhomogeneity of a specific chip-calorimeter sensor
Thermochimica Acta 674 (2019) 95 - 99
Abstract DOI request reprint: pdf 22804
477. Schmelzer, J.W.P.; Tropin, T. V.
Kinetic criteria of vitrification and pressure-induced glass transition: dependence on the rate of change of pressure
Thermochimica Acta  (2019) 
Abstract DOI
476. Kessler, O.; Milkereit, B.; Schick, C.
Quench Sensitivity and Continuous Cooling Precipitation Diagrams
Book Section  (2019) 
Abstract DOI request reprint: pdf 22748
474. Minakov, A.; Morikawa, J.; Zhuravlev, E.; Ryu, M.; van Herwaarden, A. W.; Schick, C.
High-speed dynamics of temperature distribution in ultrafast (up to 108°K/s) chip-nanocalorimeters, measured by infrared thermography of high resolution
Journal of Applied Physics 125 (2019) 5 054501-1 - 054501-15
Abstract DOI request reprint: pdf 22699
473. Yagofarov, M. I.; Lapuk, S. E.; Mukhametzyanov, T. A.; Ziganshin, M. A.; Schick, C.; Solomonov, B. N.
Thermochemical properties of 1,2,3,4-tetraphenylnaphthalene and 1,3,5-triphenylbenzene in crystalline and liquid states studied by solution and fast scanning calorimetry
Journal of Molecular Liquids 278 (2019) 394 - 400
Abstract DOI request reprint: pdf 22673
472. Yang, B.; Schmelzer, J. W. P.; Zhao, B.; Gao, Y.; Schick, C.
Glass transition and primary crystallization of Al86Ni6Y4.5Co2La1.5 metallic glass at heating rates spanning over six orders of magnitude
Scripta Materialia 162 (2019) 146 - 150
Abstract DOI request reprint: pdf 22444
471. Jariyavidyanont, K.; Schick, C.; Androsch, R.
Nucleation-controlled dual semicrystalline morphology of polyamide 11
Polymer International 68 (2019) 2 263 - 270
Abstract DOI request reprint: pdf 22092
468. Schick, C.; Androsch, R.
Nucleation-controlled semicrystalline morphology of bulk polymers
Polymer Crystallization 1 (2018) 4 
Abstract DOI request reprint: pdf 22478
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