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Polymer Physics Group of Rostock University

Fields of research

Glass Transition
Polymer Crystallization and Melting
Polymer Nanocomposites


      Fast Scan Calorimetry
      Advanced DSC
Dielectric Spectroscopy
Dynamic Mechanical Spectroscopy

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Albert-Einstein-Straße 25, SR 110
Rui Zhang
Uni Rostock, AG Polymere
Combined Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) - Fast Scanning Calorimetry (FSC): Device for Crystallization Studies

Selected Publications

472. Yagofarov, M. I.; Lapuk, S. E.; Mukhametzyanov, T. A.; Ziganshin, M. A.; Schick, C.; Solomonov, B. N.
Thermochemical properties of 1,2,3,4-tetraphenylnaphthalene and 1,3,5-triphenylbenzene in crystalline and liquid states studied by solution and fast scanning calorimetry
Journal of Molecular Liquids 278 (2019) 394 - 400
Abstract DOI request reprint: pdf 22673
471. Yang, B.; Schmelzer, J. W. P.; Zhao, B.; Gao, Y.; Schick, C.
Glass transition and primary crystallization of Al86Ni6Y4.5Co2La1.5 metallic glass at heating rates spanning over six orders of magnitude
Scripta Materialia 162 (2019) 146 - 150
Abstract DOI request reprint: pdf 22444
469. Androsch, R.; Soccio, M.; Lotti, N.; Jehnichen, D.; Göbel, M.; Schick, C.
Enthalpy of formation and disordering temperature of transient monotropic liquid crystals of poly(butylene 2,6-naphthalate)
Polymer 158 (2018) 77 - 82
Abstract DOI request reprint: pdf 22539
467. Schick, C.; Androsch, R.
Nucleation-controlled semicrystalline morphology of bulk polymers
Polymer Crystallization 1 (2018) 4 
Abstract DOI request reprint: pdf 22478
464. Schmelzer, J.; Tropin, T.
Reply to "Comment on Glass Transition, Crystallization of Glass-Forming Melts, and Entropy" by Zanotto and Mauro
Entropy 20 (2018) 9 704
Abstract DOI request reprint: pdf 22387
463. Minakov, A. A.; Schick, C.
Nanometer scale thermal response of polymers to fast thermal perturbations
The Journal of Chemical Physics 149 (2018) 7 074503-1 - 074503-13
Abstract DOI request reprint: pdf 22332
462. Sedov, I.; Magsumov, T.; Abdullin, A.; Yarko, E.; Mukhametzyanov, T.; Klimovitsky, A.; Schick, C.
Influence of the Cross-Link Density on the Rate of Crystallization of Poly(ε-Caprolactone)
Polymers 10 (2018) 8 902-1 - 902-10
Abstract DOI request reprint: pdf 22313
457. Mukhametzyanov, T. A.; Sedov, I. A.; Solomonov, B. N.; Schick, C.
Fast scanning calorimetry of lysozyme unfolding at scanning rates from 5K/min to 500,000 K/min
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 1862 (2018) 9 2024 - 2030
Abstract DOI request reprint: pdf 22180
454. Vyazovkin, S.; Koga, N.; Schick, C.
Recent Advances, Techniques and Applications
Handbook of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry 6 (2018) 1 - 862
request reprint: pdf 22000
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