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Polymer Physics Group of Rostock University

Fields of research

Glass Transition
Polymer Crystallization and Melting
Polymer Nanocomposites


      Fast Scan Calorimetry
      Advanced DSC
Dielectric Spectroscopy
Dynamic Mechanical Spectroscopy

Current Group Seminar

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Albert-Einstein-Strasse 25, Roter Salon
Yuhei Hayamizu
School of Materials Science and Engineering Tokyo Institute of Technology
Self-assembled peptides on two-dimensional nanomaterials: understanding of its formation mechanism

Selected Publications

464. Minakov, A. A.; Schick, C.
Nanometer scale thermal response of polymers to fast thermal perturbations
The Journal of Chemical Physics 149 (2018) 7 074503-1 - 074503-13
Abstract DOI request reprint: pdf 22332
463. Sedov, I.; Magsumov, T.; Abdullin, A.; Yarko, E.; Mukhametzyanov, T.; Klimovitsky, A.; Schick, C.
Influence of the Cross-Link Density on the Rate of Crystallization of Poly(ε-Caprolactone)
Polymers 10 (2018) 8 902-1 - 902-10
Abstract DOI request reprint: pdf 22313
462. Furushima, Y.; Schick, C.; Toda, A.
Crystallization, recrystallization, and melting of polymer crystals on heating and cooling examined with fast scanning calorimetry
Polymer Crystallization  (2018) 
Abstract DOI request reprint: pdf 22305
460. Thomas, D.; Schick, C.; Cebe, P.
Novel Method for Fast Scanning Calorimetry of Electrospun Fibers
Thermochimica Acta 667 (2018) 65 - 72
Abstract DOI request reprint: pdf 22243
459. Luo, S.; Kui, X.; Xing, E.; Wang, X.; Xue, G.; Schick, C.; Hu, W.; Zhuravlev, E.; Zhou, D.
Interplay between Free Surface and Solid Interface Nucleation on Two-Step Crystallization of Poly(ethylene terephthalate) Thin Films Studied by Fast Scanning Calorimetry
Macromolecules 51 (2018) 14 52029 - 5218
Abstract DOI request reprint: pdf 22245
458. Mukhametzyanov, T. A.; Sedov, I. A.; Solomonov, B. N.; Schick, C.
Fast scanning calorimetry of lysozyme unfolding at scanning rates from 5K/min to 500,000 K/min
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 1862 (2018) 9 2024 - 2030
Abstract DOI request reprint: pdf 22180
454. Vyazovkin, S.; Koga, N.; Schick, C.
Recent Advances, Techniques and Applications
Handbook of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry 6 (2018) 1 - 862
request reprint: pdf 22000
453. Yin, H.; Chua, Y. Z.; Yang, B.; Schick, C.; Harrison, W. J.; Budd, P. M.; Böhning, M.; Schönhals, A.
First Clear-Cut Experimental Evidence of a Glass Transition in a Polymer with Intrinsic Microporosity: PIM-1
The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters  (2018) 2003 - 2008
Abstract DOI request reprint: pdf 21991
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